The EQ-FIN Academy has - since its inception - been a breeding ground for the development of new sales businesses. Individual learning paths have been established specifically for new recruits, staff, assistants and sales managers.


The EQ-FIN Academy – Leadership programme is specifically designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding of working in the career of a Sales Manager. This 12-month comprehensive programme will prepare you for your role as a future mentoring manager with a successful candidate being able to transfer the knowledge gained through this course into the business world.

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The EQ-FIN Academy – Development is a comprehensive programme that will prepare candidates for their role as a Financial Advisor, Administrator or Personal Assistant by giving them the confidence and competence to excel. The EQ-FIN Academy – Development programme includes a combination of structured classroom training, one-on-ones, on the job training, self-study, and mentoring, focused on building an understanding of the comprehensive qualities of your chosen profession.

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Here are some testimonials that reinforce our commitment to change the lives of others through our Trust.

  • I am extremely grateful that EQ-FIN generously awarded me my 2016 bursary. Without it, payment for my studies would have been very difficult. EQ-FIN has taken an immense amount of pressure off of me and my family with regards to my varsity fees and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Because of EQ-FIN I can continue studying and working towards securing a prosperous future where I am financially independent so I can sufficiently support myself and my family.

    Shalom Chitanda
    01 February 2014
  • Over the past year, I've become more and more grateful for this bursary. It has afforded me the opportunity to complete the third and final year for my degree. Because of that I am now being considered to complete my honours degree in Anthropology. What’s more, upon acceptance I will have a chance to spend a semester studying in Germany. This would not be the case if I hadn’t received the money for my studies! So it’s opened the door to greater opportunities and the chance to realise my dream of visiting Germany. So again, thank you for your kind considerations.

    Gabrielle Klassen
    03 June 2015
  • Thank you for the invitation to the online DPFM course. I look forward to the learning experience and the opportunity of expanding my brief knowledge of this exciting industry. Every day is a new day to learn something new and valuable. I am blessed to be supported by such an incredible and knowledgeable team of senior advisors and unbelievably dedicated and supportive administration staff.

    Barry Jorgensen
    21 April 2016


EQ-FIN Educational Trust

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013

An integral part of the value proposition offered is the reality that funds are made available to a successful applicant wishing to further their education to an NQF 8 - CFP degree. During the course of 2013 the EQ-FIN Educational Trust was born. This Trust was established for the purpose of furthering education within the organization and to also allocate an education bursary to an individual within or close to EQ-FIN.

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  • EQ-FIN is a company driven by a purpose: we want to secure the future dreams, aspirations and plans your have for yourself and your loved ones.

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EQ-FIN is a company driven by a purpose: we want to secure the future dreams, aspirations and plans everyone has for themselves and their loved ones.

Top of mind in the business are the key stakeholders - clients, financial advisors, staff, Liberty colleagues and our shareholder Liberty.

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