Liberty Financial Advisors will help protect you and your family from the financial impact of life's unexpected events such as death, disability and critical illness.

Risk management products

Risk management products

  • Risk Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Medical Gap Cover

Lifestyle Protector Term Cover

Risk cover that allows you the flexibility to take term benefits which match the length of your financial needs on Liberty’s most popular lump sum benefits and also giving you the security of knowing you can extend your cover with limited underwriting. An additional option is the ability to add an elective PayOut feature.

Lifestyle Protector Income Protection

Lifestyle Protector Income Protection is a flexible package of comprehensive benefits that aim to protect you against a wide range of risks that could negatively impact your income whether temporarily or permanently. The Income Protector package of cover is flexible enough to add more benefits as your needs grow (such as having a family or starting a business).

Lifestyle Protector Critical Illness

Lifestyle Protector Critical Illness benefit, Living Lifestyle, offers comprehensive cover for critical illnesses and traumatic events you may experience. The cover pays a lump sum for a claim arising from one or more critical illnesses that are grouped into 31 critical illness categories and includes a Catch-All category providing protection against those unknown and rare critical illnesses not already defined in the other 31 claim groups.

Liberty Gap Cover

The difference between what medical schemes cover and what private practitioners charge can amount to unexpected excesses worth tens of thousands of Rands. Liberty Gap Cover pays for the difference between what medical schemes cover and what patients are charged. Liberty Gap Cover offers both Essential Gap Cover and Universal Gap Cover. Essential Gap Cover has been designed to offer members affordable medical expense shortfall cover. For those looking for more comprehensive benefits, Universal Gap Cover provides a wider range of benefits for a small difference in premium.

The 5 problems in life

Liberty Financial Advisors focus on planning for these life-events which can have a devastating impact on your financial security:

1 Living too long
2 Dying too soon
3 Inflation and tax
4 Being hospitalised
5 Disability & dread disease

Contact an accredited Liberty Financial Advisor and get the peace of mind knowing your financial security is protected.

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