Here is a timeline of significant milestones in the history of EQ-FIN.

  • EQ-FIN opens

    EQ-FIN was established in August 2001 by Mark and Tonya Venske, a couple driven by an entrepreneurial desire to grow and create a successful business.

  • EQ-FIN acquires new businesses

    Haefen and Eminence are amalgamated into EQ-FIN.

  • EQ-FIN acquires more businesses

    In July 2010 Integras is amalgamated into EQ-FIN, followed by Elliven in September 2010.

  • More businesses acquired

    Mont Blanc is amalgamated into EQ-FIN in September 2011, followed by Pegasus in November.

  • EQ-FIN Academy opens and reach 100 financial advisors

    EQ-FIN recognises that education is everything and opens The EQ-FIN Academy in January 2012 for financial professionals who want more out of life. In June 2012, 100 active financial advisors.

  • Liberty purchases EQ-FIN

    Liberty Group purchases 100% share of EQ-FIN. In June 2015, Matthew & Son is amalgamated into EQ-FIN.

  • Record number of financial advisors

    220 active Liberty financial advisors exist in EQ-Fin.

  • Welcome to Wealth Solutions Capital

    Wealth Solutions Capital joins the EQ-Fin team.

  • Another acquisition

    EQ-Fin acquires EQ Wealth.

  • Acquisition of EQ Corporate

    EQ-FIN acquires EQ Corporate

  • EQ-FIN Academy Relaunched

    EQ-FIN relaunches the EQ-FIN Academy based at Bryanston

About Us

EQ-FIN is a company driven by a purpose: we want to secure the future dreams, aspirations and plans everyone has for themselves and their loved ones.

Top of mind in the business are the key stakeholders - clients, financial advisors, staff, Liberty colleagues and our shareholder Liberty.

More About EQ-FIN

Liberty Group Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence No: 2409)

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